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REDEFINE the DOODLE: inspirations + mark-making

Doodle, draw, paint and play!

Doodle, draw, paint and play! Explore doodling as a raw form of expression and a vehicle for telling your personal story. Work with an arsenal of creative tools, from markers, pencils and pens to handmade stamps, stencils, inks and paints, to find unique, intuitive ways to make your mark. You’ll work on daily creative jumpstarts for doodling in your art journal.

e-course highlights

  • 20 mixed media lessons in painting, mark-making & doodling
  • creative daily prompts, inspiration photos, ideas, color palettes
  • 20 PDF workbooks including over 70 pages of colorful inspiration
  • prompts are designed for you to spend up to 30 minutes per day
  • BONUS lessons, inspiration links and posts
  • 19 HD technique and inspiration videos
  • Ustream video replays including Q & A and LIVE demos

{art journaling}

intuitive mark-making


explore everyday life in doodles

{handmade tools}

craft foam stamps + more


collections + inspirations to inspire collage


  • welcome
  • materials list
  • white pens + markers
  • LESSON ONE: texture photos + ink doodles 
  • LESSON TWO: inspiration hunt + spontaneous marks
  • LESSON THREE: feathers + printmaking with stamps
  • LESSON FOUR: flowers + finger painting brush doodles
  • LESSON FIVE: found tools + stencils
  • LESSON SIX: music & doodle prompts
  • LESSON SEVEN: pebbles + gesso backgrounds
  • LESSON EIGHT: numbers + live chat
  • LESSON NINE: collections + newspaper prints

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  • LESSON TEN: berries & pods + abstract mark-making
  • LESSON ELEVEN: doodle sketching + water soluble crayons
  • LESSON TWELVE: bare trees + digital self portraits
  • LESSON THIRTEEN: clouds + organic watercolor
  • LESSON FOURTEEN: collage + pipette tissue flowers
  • LESSON FIFTEEN: colorful backgrounds + mixed media layers
  • LESSON SIXTEEN: color palettes + mixed media layers
  • LESSON SEVENTEEN: architecture + dimensional paint
  • LESSON EIGHTEEN: vintage patterns + abstract flowers
  • LESSON NINETEEN: pinterest + washi tape
  • LESSON TWENTY: mix it up + graffiti canvas
  • LIVE CHAT and demo replay videos 1 & 2
BONUS creative business technique{lesson 19}: 10 Pinterest strategies- ideas for adding Pinterest into your social media mix
BONUS PROJECT {lesson 20}: graffiti canvas-using a series of creative jumpstarts you will create a graffiti canvas.

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