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LAUNCH your e-course masterclass

DIY strategies to create your products +
profit from teaching art online

Take your workshops online, reach a global audience and make money!

  • You’ve been teaching your art process and creative passion for years and have a library of processes and content. You want to find a way to turn those techniques into additional revenue through e-courses and ebooks.
  • You might have written a book, articles or taught in person and want to turn that content into an online workshop.
  • You are an artist and let’s face it, you want to focus on creating the art and don’t know where to start when it comes to teaching online but you see the potential of teaching online workshops.
  • You might lack the knowledge of technology and design but don’t have the funds to hire a team of people, so you are ready to jump in and do-it-yourself.
  • You want to make additional revenue from your art process and continually make money from it for years to come.

then LAUNCH your e-course intensive is what you’ve been waiting for…

when you participate in the course & DO the work, you will..

  • have numerous ideas to brainstorm, create a product plan and develop an e-course roadmap
  • create a content plan from your art techniques and process and turn into profitable e-courses
  • understand social media strategies and how to integrate them into the launch of their online products
  • learn a step-by-step process of how to take your workshops online and generate revenue
  • understand the options for hosting and the technologies that run online workshops
  • have a step-by-step guide and create a plan for marketing and promoting your e-course

{e-course plan}

create a step-by-step plan

{content development}

create + develop course content

{marketing + promotion}

market, sell + launch your class


understand technology + software

There are three different options for taking the e-course…

LAUNCH your e-course {self guided}

LAUNCH your e-course self guided  gives you a high level overview of strategies and ideas for creating profitable online courses. You get instant access to a 6-part video series with over 2 hours of content along with access to a private SLACK. There is a 20-page pdf workbook for you to use to brainstorm and plan your course. This is a self-guided course and gives you a solid foundation of ideas and items to consider when planning your courses. If you want more in-depth training where you actually have step-by-step guidance and homework to create an e-course, then the INTENSIVE program is for you!

LAUNCH your e-course self-guided study

  • self study available for instant access after you register
  • access to 7 video lessons {edited from live stream workshop}
  • over 2 hours of video content
  • 20-page PDF workbook
  • 10 page colorful journal planner worksheets
  • one live stream Q & A replay
  • self-guided program costs $97 USD

NOTE: The self-guided version contains recorded videos of a live stream workshop.  You will have 24/7 “class lifetime” access to the videos. If you want more in-depth training in all the aspects of creating and launching successful online workshops where you have step-by-step guidance, deep dive into the six modules, 1:1 mentorship with Traci, additional BONUS video tutorials, group study and homework to create and build your e-course, then the INTENSIVE program is for you..keep reading below for the details.

LAUNCH your e-course {INTENSIVE}

LAUNCH your e-course INTENSIVE takes a deep dive into DIY strategies to create products and profit from teaching art online. During the 6-week e-course you’ll learn about a broad set of topics including developing content, hosting platforms, live stream vs self-paced, creative partnerships, YouTube/ Vimeo video tutorials, blog tutorials, developing your content, monetizing your workshops, technology trends + equipment setup, managing the classroom, using social media as a teaching tool and launch strategies.

During the 6 weeks, a new live stream workshop and PDF workbook module is released with exercises, jumpstarts and practical information that will take you step by step into researching your market, brainstorming your ideas, understanding tools + technology, developing your course and marketing. This workshop will give you an in-depth insight in all the aspects of creating and launching successful online workshops. TURN your art process into profit!

LAUNCH your e-course INTENSIVE program

  • April 19 – May 24, 2016
  • step-by-step process to create + build your customized e-course plan
  • access to all videos + PDFs from self-guided program
  • access to 6{six} new modules delivered weekly
  • weekly live stream workshops with Q & A
  • BONUS HD video lectures + tutorials {see curriculum below}
  • tools, resources & workbooks
  • weekly assignments
  • templates + spreadsheets
  • colorful PDF workbooks + worksheets
  • google+ live studio office hours Q & A {small group study/mastermind}
  • private SLACK community access during LIVE workshop session
  • limited email support via SLACK for one month after program ends
  • LYE INTENSIVE–>THIS session is now closed.

LAUNCH your e-course BRANDING kit bundle

E-course BRANDING kit bundle includes everything from the INTENSIVE program, additional 1:1 mentorship sessions, a custom e-course brand kit including custom templates designed for your e-course.

  • Everything from 1:1 mentorship PLUS:
  • THREE {3} 30 minute 1:1 mentorship sessions via private google+ hangout. this session will be recorded and a copy of the recording will be sent to you. {these can be scheduled within 4 months of starting the e-course}
  • BRANDING kick-off strategy meeting
  • e-course brand kit that includes color palette, fonts, e-course logo + 2 graphics and custom templates
  • custom templates designed for your e-course brand that you can use for PDF workbooks and marketing. Files will be delivered in .pages or word format that you can edit
  • brand kit will be created after you go through the e-course and we meet via google+ hangouts to talk about the project. It will be scheduled to be completed within two months of brand kit kick-off meeting. The 4th payment must be processed before the e-course brand kit is delivered via email.
  • BRANDING kit projects will start to be scheduled in July 2016
  • limited to 4 clients

If you are serious about doing the work and launching your course, this is small investment for a potential huge return. If you sold just 6 {six} seats to your new class at $99 you would make double your investment PLUS cover costs of the masterclass INTENSIVE!

UNLEASH your creativity and build a profitable business.

LAUNCH your e-course presentation notes PDF by traci bautista

LAUNCH your e-course MASTERCLASS INTENSIVE is in session!

April 19 – May 24, 2016

DIY strategies to create products+
profit from teaching art online

LAUNCH your e-course masterclass runs April 19-May 24, 2016


APRIL 19 – MAY 24, 2016


MODULE ONE: the opportunity + numbers {profit from your process}

  • the opportunity
  • research your market
  • build your community
  • online teaching opportunities
  • budget considerations + spreadsheets
  • estimating + projections
  • monetizing e-couses
  • creating a spreadsheet {BONUS lesson}

MODULE TWO: the FORMAT + selling your course

  • class format + delivery methods
  • self-paced vs. live stream
  • other course delivery formats
  • community forums
  • customer service + support
  • hosted vs. self hosted platforms
  • pricing your e-course
  • selling your course
  • registration + reports

MODULE THREE: content development

  • document your process
  • brainstorm + ideation strategies
  • content remix
  • social media research
  • develop your content
  • creating a VIDEO with iMovie {BONUS lesson}

MODULE FOUR: technology

  • technology + equipment
  • equipment setup
  • DIY photography + video
  • software + apps
  • tech resource list
  • your tech plan

MODULE FIVE: promotion + marketing

  • e-course branding
  • strategies for naming your course
  • designing PDFs + graphics {BONUS lesson}
  • e-course promotion + LAUNCH strategies
  • private invitations
  • marketing YOUR e-course
  • FREE content: give it away
  • creative partnerships
  • Periscope strategies {BONUS lesson}

MODULE SIX: create YOUR plan

  • putting it all together
  • goals
  • creating an MVP
  • calendar + scheduling
  • budgeting + revenue PLAN
  • LAUNCH + marketing PLAN
  • building your course

LAUNCH your e-course masterclass Pricing

join us for LAUNCH your e-course Masterclass INTENSIVE starting April 19, 2016. Prices are listed in US$.