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DIVE into mixed media PLUS develop your creative process!


art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab

FOUNDERS CIRCLE class lifetime access limited time offer

mixed media lab

HD videos, PDF workbooks, resources & live stream to inspire your creative PLAY

ideas + inspiration

BE INSPIRED with new techniques to develop your own style

mixed media workshops

GROW your artistic skills with unlimited access to HD video tutorials library

creative community

CONNECT with like-minded souls in a thriving & supportive worldwide community

creative artist mentorhsip

DIVE in and develop your personal visual language with small group coaching

LIVE stream studio sessions

PLAY in real time, work intuitively and paint with abandon during monthly sessions.

DISCOVER your artistic voice and become a creative SOUL visionary.

You love mixed media, painting, collage and art journaling. You’re looking to learn new techniques and you want to elevate your art to the next level. You are inspired by simple, creative ideas that encourage you to infuse your own style and to create unique artwork.
You want to face the blank canvas fearlessly and let go…
You’ve taken numerous courses, read art books, subscribe to magazines and watched a bunch of YouTube “how-to” videos. NOW you have a zillion ideas, all the supplies ready…you open up your journal and… 
you DIVE in with confidence. you’re ready to move in your own direction.
You don’t copy exactly what you see in the online tutorials and workshops…

YOU are excited to explore your own creative path.

You are developing your own personal visual language and creating artwork with


paint splashes and drips over the canvas, your flowing movements make graceful marks as your paintbrush dances accross the page with ease.


What would it be like to have access to a library of in-depth mixed media tutorials, a supportive creative global community combined with a creative artist mentorship program designed to channel your artistic talent, develop your own style and build your career as an artist?

art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab is OPEN for registration…join in the creative journey!

Introducing Traci Bautista’s FLAGSHIP program art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab!
This online education academy houses ALL of Traci’s previous online workshops PLUS brand new mixed media and creative business content.
In the MIXED MEDIA LAB {MML}, our focus is to help build your artistic skills while encouraging you to develop your own visual language and artistic style.
Throughout your time in the mixed media lab + community you’ll dive into mixed media tutorials, MONTHLY live workshops plus have access to a library of over 300 HD videos and hundreds of colorful PDF workbook pages.
You’ll use your art journal as a catalyst to develop your creative process & mixed media projects.

Traci Bautista’s art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab is designed to:

INSPIRE you with forward thinking techniques and outside the box mixed media content
ENCOURAGE you to develop creative confidence and find your own style
TEACH you to work intuitively and paint with abandon as you face the blank canvas
PROVIDE resources and transformational experiences to guide you from hobbyist to successful creative artist
HELP turn your artistic talent and creations into products and services that make money
GUIDE you with business-building tools for marketing, product development, planning and teaching
MOTIVATE you to participate in LIVE online workshops while you work at your own pace
CONNECT you to a supportive, spirited worldwide creative community

Join our online learning community and get access to in-depth HD video tutorials, colorful PDF workbooks, techniques, inspiration and the support you need to be a successful artist and creative soul visionary.

GATHER with like-minded souls, YOU don’t have to be alone in this journey.


here’s what you’ll see inside the MIXED MEDIA LAB…VIEW classrooms on ALL your devices

view the MIXED MEDIA LAB on all your devices


art.journal.PLAY colorful PDF workbooks by traci bautista

With successful completion of the self-guided online workshops— including taking part in the monthly LIVE stream art journaling sessions and Q & As.  You’ll experience and learn techniques that will be a catalyst for creative PLAY and help you build your personal visual language and unique artistic style— PLUS if you are member of the CREATIVE SOUL VISIONARY program, you will have to the tools to help you become a flourishing artist and thriving creative business owner.

As an art.journal.PLAY mixed media member, you will:

— Have access to a resource library inlcuding 24 mixed media e-courses with over 300 mixed media tutorials + colorful PDF workbooks
— Be able to download hundreds of colorful PDF mixed media workbook pages
— Have access to a private community FORUM for sharing artwork, successes, ideas and questions
— Develop a personal creative process that will encourage you to face the blank canvas fearlessly
— Be the first to know and have priority registration for quarterly virtual retreats
— Learn a variety of mixed media topics including collage, doodling, art journaling, lettering, handmade books

As the ideal art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab member, you might be a:

— a mixed media newbie beginning your artistic journey excited to learn with in-depth tutorials
— seasoned hobbyist looking for unconventional ideas to develop your unique artistic style
— surface designer looking for innovative techniques to build patterns for your portfolio
— part time artist wanting to turn your side hustle into a passion-based profitable business
— creative artist entrepreneur looking to expand services and products by building strategic business plans

art.journal.PLAY: MIXED MEDIA LAB + creative soul visionary program

is the key to unleashing your creativity and finding your CREATIVE VOICE.


UNLEASH your creativity and develop your personal visual language + creative process!


 Your art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab membership investment includes…

  • 2017 monthly LIVE online mixed media training+ art journaling sessions {1.5hr} – during these sessions I lead you in creative prompt exercises and share art journaling ideas + tutorials
  • 2017 monthly Q & A discussion on creative process live google+ hangout {1 hr – studio office hours} where you can ask questions, have the option to join me on screen to share your artwork and meet up with artists from around the world.
  • downloadable PDF workbooks with hundreds of colorful pages that include collage sheets, art journal prompts & ephemera, DIY planner pages, color palettes, creative exercises and step-by-step project photos.
  • mixed media lab content library – access to a library of 14 mixed media workshops {art.journal.PLAY 2014 -2016}, You’ll find resources including PDFs, pre-recorded HD video tutorials, live stream workshop replays, and links to inspiration to help you grow as an artist.
  • mixed media e-course library – access to a selection of Traci’s previous art journaling, digital painting, doodling & mixed media e-courses which include over 300 HD videos + colorful downloadable PDF workbooks.
    • the following self-guided courses are included in the library…
      • 31 Daily inspirations – 31 days of creative inspiration. art journal PROMPTS. creative jumpstarts. photo inspirations. ideas.
      • creative DOODLES – Explore storytelling with lines, shapes and marks. This workshop is all about seeing things with new eyes and creating art intuitively with daily exercises to keep you drawing and doodling.
      • digitalCANVAS – Explore the world of digital art journaling and painting! This class explores a variety of app mashups and incorporates digital collage, stencils, stamps, drawing, painting, photo layers and creative letterforms all using the iPad! I also share ways to use the digital canvas as tool for creating visual storyboards, surface pattern design and how to incorporate the digital art into your handmade creations.
      • INSCRIBED –The pages in our art journals and sketchbooks are inscribed with visual stories told through personal graffiti…a combination of symbols, layers of vibrant color and images. During this e-course you will be led through an artful journey to discover, play and tell your story. We will embark on a four-week adventure presented in a collection of daily creative prompts to explore visual art journal techniques through unearthing inspirations, personal symbols, color and capturing images.
      • creative SOUL journal – What brings you happiness? A smile to your face? What feeds your soul? What images do you relate to? What words describe YOU and colors call to YOU? who are YOU? These are questions you will answer as you paint, collage and build a visual art journal that expresses your creative soul.
      • monotypes & drizzles – e-book video workshop where you’ll explore mixed media painting & printmaking using Plexiglas.
      • graffiti bouquet – e-book video workshop. create collage paintings with rich vibrant layers, combining “fusion dyed” collage, painting & staining paper, monoprints, freestyle lettering and doodling you will create visual journal paintings layered with black and white images, expressive sumi marks, symbols, letterforms and written words. Inspired by the juxtaposition of colorful urban graffiti walls and blossoming gardens you will unleash your creative ideas to create multiple layered collages with extreme color and texture.
      • MOTIF {patterns + prints} – is all about layers…EXPERIMENT with surface design using acrylic and watercolor. Develop your visual vocabulary with patterns and create mixed media layers using a variety of stencils as I lead you through jumpstarts to create mixed media journal pages. we’ll talk about found and handmade mark-making tools and more.
      • digitalCANVAS 2.0 -Explore creating your signature style from faces to florals to sketchbook doodles with paint then using iPad apps and Photoshop to create digital patterns and paintings. combine traditional + digital painting.
      • FLOURISH: hand lettered – CREATE your signature lettering style…vocative hand drawn words, swirls, flourishes…I share alternative ways to create stylized lettering as we explore dip pens, brush letters and various markers/pens to inspire your signature mark-making style. hand-draw typography + exemplars + letterforms are discussed.
      • BOUND: art journal inspirations – This workshop live stream session is structured as a lecture and will include ideas and samples of various journal structures and ideas with Q & A. You get a peek into a variety of my art journals and sketchbooks.
      • AUTUMN + HOLIDAY art journing workshop – explore ideas and jumpstarts for your holiday journaling and DIY planner pages.
      • Strathmore Doodles – a 4-week workshop all about mixed media, collage and doodling, originally taught during the Strathmore Online Workshop series
      • Strathmore Printmaking – a 4-week workshop all about exploring a variety of alternative printmaking techniques, originally taught during the Strathmore Online Workshop series


  • LIVE workshop video replays available right after the live event ends, so you can watch at your own pace
  • creative process + jumpstart prompts PLAYsheets to help you build your own unique visual language
  • interviews with experts, creative souls and other artists
  • a detailed schedule will be provided throughout the year with additional special member-only PLAY STUDIO events and all new MIXED MEDIA LAB CREATIVE ITINERARIES.
  • mixed media lab membership additional benefits
    • access to spirited & interactive private community forum with monthly office hours
    • BONUS: access to my Strathmore e-courses {Doodles & Printmaking} which were taught as part of the Strathmore online workshop series in 2012 & 2015. These will be available in May & June 2017.
    • BONUS: after you register, you’ll receive a colorful PDF with confirmation details and program calendar.


Here’s the tentative content calendar for 2017

view the MIXED MEDIA LAB on all your devices
view the MIXED MEDIA LAB on all your devices

join the creative journey. REGISTER today!

mixed media lab pricing…

We’ve got great content planned for 2017! I’m excited to invite you to join our creative community. THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR MY PREVIOUS E-COURSE STUDENTS AND customers. There are TWO options to join the MIXED MEDIA LAB, either as a 3-month trial or FOUNDERS CIRCLE membership.

Prices are listed in US$.


If you would like to try out the MIXED MEDIA LAB choose this option. You’ll get access to the MIXED MEDIA LAB for a 3-month trial membership. Throughout the three months, you’ll have unlimited access to all of the current content in the MIXED MEDIA LAB {online workshops included 300+ HD videos and art journaling PDF downloads} PLUS you’ll have the option to upgrade to FOUNDERS CIRCLE lifetime membership. This too will be a limited-time offer, the art.journal.PLAY MIXED MEDIA LAB lifetime regular admission fee is $997. This trial membership gives you temporary access to the MIXED MEDIA LAB, if you choose not to upgrade your access will be cancelled at the end of the three month period. At anytime during your 3-month trial membership, you’re invited to join us as a FOUNDERS CIRCLE “class lifetime” member at either a 9-month payment plan ($76/9 months) or save by upgrading at a one-time fee ($597) or join the monthly membership plan.  


is only available to 40 people or until MAY 15, 2017 whichever comes first. This is a very limited-time offer.  There are two FOUNDERS CIRCLE payment options below. FOUNDERS CIRCLE registration closes May 15, so join us today.

There are ONLY 15 spots left for new FC members and the FOUNDERS CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP will eventually be $997 for lifetime access to the MIXED MEDIA LAB. so join us early and SAVE!

mixed media lab FOUNDERS CIRCLE benefits…


MIXED MEDIA LAB 2017: art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab includes monthly art journaling sessions with Traci in 2017, studio office hours live Q & A sessions, and an exclusive private forum where you can connect with fellow creatives and artists from around the world, brainstorm ideas, share artwork and hold each other accountable to doing the work. REGISTER with either payment option by 5/15/17. Recieve access to special 2017 DIY planner workshop, PLAY studio: PRINT + PATTERN.

Starting May 15th, FOUNDERS CIRCLE one-time payment subscribers will have immediate access to entire catalog of mixed media lab e-courses. {see all that’s included above} You will also receive an invitation to the FOUNDERS CIRCLE on May 15th.

PLAY STUDIO SESSIONS: The PLAY studio is a new feature of the MIXED MEDIA LAB, these are optional paid add-on sessions that as a FOUNDERS CIRCLE member, you will get access to your choice of TWO PLAY STUDIO SESSIONS. {$194 value}

CLASS LIFETIME ACCESS: This means you have access to the classes in the MIXED MEDIA LAB until the class is retired. I started teaching in 2008 and a few of my classes are retiring for the first time in 2017. This offer is not available if you sign up for the regular monthly mixed media lab membership.  ALL the content in the MIXED MEDIA LAB PLUS one FLAGSHIP course is valued at over $3000.

mixed media lab FOUNDERS CIRCLE bonuses…



YOUR CHOICE OF ONE OF MY FLAGSHIP E-COURSES..SIGN UP for FOUNDERS CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP one-time payment by May 15 and receive 18-month access to ONE FLAGSHIP online program SUMMER 2017 session + summer virtual retreat bundle. {$447 value} choose from FLORAL delight:freestyle blooms, PRINTMAKING UNLEASHED Unleashed LIVE or Doodles Unleashed to add to your e-course library. 

{NOTE: If you were a member of either Printmaking Unleashed LIVE or DOODLES Unleashed BUNDLES prior to February 1, 2016, then this gives you an opportunity to continue to access one of those classes PLUS their new 2017 virtual retreats in the new education site.}

 SIGN UP for FOUNDERS CIRCLE one-time payment by MAY 15. CHOOSE FROM ONE OF THE FOLLOWING FLAGSHIP online programs. If you sign up for the FOUNDERS CIRCLE payment plan, then you will recieve SELF-GUIDED access to one FLAGSHIP course of your choice during the third month of your membership.

  • FLORAL DELIGHT: FREESTYLE FLORALS 2017: receive 18-month access to FLORAL delight online program SPRING/SUMMER 2017 session + FLORAL DELIGHT summer virtual retreat bundle. {$447 value}. You will receive access to the self-guided FLORAL DELIGHT content after May 15, 2017. virtual retreat classroom invites will be sent out June 15, 2017 for the SPRING/SUMMER 2017 live session. This is my newest FLAGSHIP online program all about painting FLORALS and developing your artistic style.
    • SUMMER FLORAL DELIGHT virtual retreat June 22, 2017
    • SUMMER 2017 program includes 2 {two} ALL new live stream Q &As
      • 6 weeks of mixed media lessons including over 15 hours of HD video tutorials
      • 6 live stream workshops REPLAYS+ Q & A sessions {this is 9 hours of additonal video content to the weekly lessons}
      • art journaling + mixed media PDF workbooks {over 80 colorful pages}
      • 10 FLORAL paintings tutorials showing process from start to finish
      • colorful, downloadable PDF workbooks with printable collage paper, prompts, step-by-step photos and creative field trip excursions
      • 4 art journaling session workshop replays {6 hours of live painting sessions recorded real-time in my studio
      • BONUS: 4-months of access to FLORAL DELIGHT private community. {$149 value}
      • BONUS: FLORAL REMIX – a sampler projects with a floral theme of Traci’s previous e-courses includes 6 HD video projects {$97 value}
      • BONUS: FLORAL DELIGHT DIY planner digital printables {$60 value}
      • BONUS: 2 digital FLORAL painting mini workshops for the iPad {$97 value}
  • PRINTMAKING UNLEASHED LIVE 2017: receive 18-month access to PRINTMAKING UNLEASHED online program SUMMER 2017 session + PRINTMAKING UNLEASHED virtual retreat bundle. {$447 value}. You will receive access to the self-guided PRINTMAKING UNLEASHED content in mid June 2017 once it’s available in the classroom. virtual retreat classroom invites will be sent out July 15, 2017 for the SUMMER 2017 live session.
    • THIS ONLINE PROGRAM INCLUDES 3 online workshops with HD video series includes
    • SUMMER PRINTMAKING UNLEASHED virtual retreat {July date TBA}
    • SUMMER 2017 program includes 2 {two} ALL new live stream Q &As PLUS
      • workshop #1 ~ printmaking tools + surface design {33 HD videos, 3 LIVE event replays, 20+ techniques}
      • workshop #2 ~ printmaking techniques {30 HD videos, 2 LIVE event replays, 25 techniques}
      • workshop #3 ~ printmaking projects + inspiration {16HD, 3 LIVE event replays, 20+ techniques}
      • 6 live stream workshops replays + 6 live stream google hangouts/workshops replays
      • over 65+ techniques & projects delivered in multiple HD videos, inspiration posts and printmaking unleashed digital kit PDF
  • DOODLES UNLEASHED: receive 18-month access to DOODLES UNLEASHED online program SUMMER 2017 session + DOODLES UNLEASHED virtual retreat bundle. {$547 value}. You will receive access to the self-guided DOODLES UNLEASHED content MAY 5, 2017. virtual retreat classroom invites will be sent out AUGUST 15, 2017 for the SUMMER 2017 live session.
    • THIS ONLINE PROGRAM INCLUDES 4 online workshops PLUS
    • SUMMER PRINTMAKING UNLEASHED virtual retreat {July date TBA}
    • SUMMER 2017 program includes 2 {two} ALL new live stream Q &As PLU
      • workshop #1—-> REDEFINE the Doodle: inspirations + mark-making  {includes 19 HD technique videos + +20 pdf workbooks includes over 70 pages of colorful inspiration}
      • workshop #2—->  REDEFINE the Doodle: girlie GLAM FACES
      • workshop #3—->REDEFINE the Doodle: TYPE + letters
      • workshop #4—>Doodles unleashed video kit club
      • 6 exclusive digital art journaling pdf e-books. This content is new and not in the Doodles Unleashed book.


This exclusive offer ends soon…FOUNDERS CIRCLE BONUSES available until May 10.












CHOOSE one of the payment options below. ALL PRICES ARE LISTED IN US$. Click on the “ENROLL NOW” button and you will be taken to the cart to check out. Once you register for the FOUNDERS CIRCLE you’ll recieve a FOUNDERS CIRCLE blueprint PDF with program details.

3-month TRIAL MEMBERSHIP: closes for registration MAY 31, 2017. If you register for a 3-month trial membership, you’ll recieve a PDF confirmation email. 

TO ACCESS THE MIXED MEDIA LAB: After you enroll in either option, if you are a new student in the site, you’ll receive an automated email with password and information to access the MIXED MEDIA LAB. This will give you immediate access to the lab. PLEASE SAVE YOUR PASSWORD, we do not store them in our database. If you are already a member of a class on the site, access to the MIXED MEDIA LAB will be automatically added to your course library. 

FOUNDERS CIRCLE OPENS MAY 15, 2017. INVITATIONS will be emailed on MAY 15, 2017 along with additional details regarding your FLAGSHIP course, PLAY STUDIO passes and BONUSES if applicable.

IMPORTANT: when you register for the FOUNDERS CIRCLE, please note which course you’d like to choose as your flagship course in the notes section of your order. The BONUS SUMMER 2017 LIVE session only applies to FOUNDERS CIRCLE one-time payment members. If you choose a 9-month payment plan then self-guided access to one FLAGSHIP course will be sent in month three of your membership.


9-month payment plan




TWO monthly 2017 live online events

12 live stream art journaling workshop

12 live stream Q & A session PLUS

mixed media lab + community membership

24 mixed media e-courses + challenges

300+ HD video tutorials

hundreds of colorful PDF workbooks 

“class lifetime” access to mixed media lab

ONE FLAGSHIP ONLINE PROGRAM self guided access in month 3 of membership

immediate access to current months live stream content and MIXED MEDIA LAB

BONUS: 2 PLAY STUDIO SESSIONS register by 5/15

BONUS: DIY planner workshop, print + pattern PLAY studio

previous e-courses are dripped out monthly until your payment plan is complete






TWO monthly 2017 live online events

12  live stream art journaling workshop

12 live stream Q & A session PLUS

mixed media lab + community membership

24 mixed media e-courses + challenges

300+ HD video tutorials

hundreds of colorful PDF workbooks

“class lifetime” access to mixed media lab

ONE FLAGSHIP ONLINE PROGRAM  2017 live session + virtual retreat

immediate access to entire MIXED MEDIA LAB & content library

BONUS: 2 PLAY STUDIO SESSIONS register by 5/15

BONUS: DIY planner workshop, print + pattern PLAY studio






SIX live online events ONLY

3 live stream art journaling workshop

3 live stream Q & A session PLUS

mixed media lab + community membership

24 mixed media e-courses + challenges

300+ HD video tutorials

hundreds of colorful PDF workbooks

3-month access to MIXED MEDIA LAB

NO access to  FLAGSHIP online program or FOUNDERS CIRCLE

immediate 3-month access to entire MIXED MEDIA LAB & content library

with the limited time option to upgrade to FOUNDERS CIRCLE “lifetime” membership or monthly subscription

after three months your access to the the MIXED MEDIA LAB + community is canceled

I know I have thanked you many times but I must send another one your way. You have inspired me in so many ways. You have showered us with many fabulous techniques that add to our projects. You have given me the confidence to play! I truly appreciate all of your wonderful PDF files. I refer to them quite often. All your lessons sure helped to loosen me up.  Still go back and rewatch all the videos in the mixed media lab.

Elaine Sinton

art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab is OPEN…join us today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I love the live stream events. For me its the best way to watch, learn and be inspired. I can’t ever get enough, so for me if they are a tad longer, that’s great. Especially because there are always so many good questions!

Its great that you are so forthcoming with info as well. Your generosity and the way you teach are your secrets to your success. “

Tex R.

“Overall, I think the workshops are awesome and just keep getting better! In the beginning I was hesitant because I thought the cost was too high. But for the amount and quality of the content, it is worth the money! I love the way you mix up digital and physical art to make mashups. No other online teachers I know of have even tried to go there… Just awesome!

Also it is important to me that your classes work well on mobile devices. I’m glad you’re aware of the technology side of content delivery. Crucial! “

Karen L.

“I have loved all of the workshops I have taken – I got a lot out of every single one! I LOVE the PDF’s so much! I have referred to them often. The prompts have pushed me in new directions! ALL of the videos are fantastic and I have often gone back to re-watch!

Class discussions – I especially love talks on materials! ALL of the downloads and printables have been invaluable! THANK YOU!!! “

Kathy Johnson

printmaking supplies vertigo series by traci bautista
floral pattern by traci bautista
handmade art journals by traci bautista
art journal PLAY hand lettered by traci bautista

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need to set aside to be involved with this program and live trainings?

There are two LIVE events each month, one 1.5 hr live stream working session and one 1 hr. Q & A studio office hour session.  You will want to set aside 1-3 hours a week to focus on your studio time. It is entirely up to you how much time you devote to creative play, but the more you put into doing the work, the more you will accomplish and grow as an artist.

when are the LIVE events scheduled?

The live stream events and Q & A sessions will be held on two Wednesdays during each month. The times alternate each event to accommodate a variety of schedules and allow international students to join in. The events usually have a start time between10:30am or 2:30pm pacific USA time and run up to 1.5 hours. There may also be additional special trainings or pop-up live streams that are hosted during the program. A detailed schedule will be posted in the classroom. If you are not able to make the live events, a replay is available in crowd cast right after the live stream ends.

how do we access the live stream events?<br />

All of our LIVE stream workshops are hosted on Crowdcast. At the beginning of each month an email is sent with class access details. You can access the live stream information from this email or in your member dashboard each month. If you have a yearly or FOUNDERS CIRCLE membership, you will have access to the replays from your member dashboard in the MIXED MEDIA LAB. If you are on a monthly subscription membership, you will have access to the replays from the monthly emails. MAKE SURE TO SAVE THESE EMAILS so you can go back to access the the replays.

how often is NEW content added?
Each month we focus on a different mixed media and creative process topic. TWO new VIDEO live stream replays are available each month. New downloadable, colorful PDF worksheets/workbooks based on the themes will be added throughout the year. NEW pre-recorded videos & workshops may be added throughout the year. When new content is available, an email update is sent out to current mixed media lab members. Some of Traci’s previous e-courses will be available as they are uploaded into the education site. Refer to the 2017 schedule to see what previous e-course content will be delivered throughout the year.
how long do I have to access the mixed media lab content?
If you register for monthly or yearly membership in the mixed media lab, your subscription will renew according to your momembership level. On the same day every month or the same day each year. cancel at any time. Due to the digital nature of the product If you cancel before the end of your current subscription, NO REFUNDS will be offered. You will have access to the content in the mixed media lab until the end of your paid subscription, then will be removed from the classroom. Once you are removed, you will not be able to access any previous content, mixed media library or e-course library.
ALL PDF workbooks are downloadable. Videos are not downloadable but you can access them 24/7 on most devices {ipad, smartphone, tablets, desktop}. A wifi connection with high-speed internet is recommended for best viewing results.
how much access and interaction will I have with Traci?
During the program you will work with Traci twice a month during the LIVE stream events, plus she will answer questions and check into the community/classroom forums weekly during the session. If you choose to share your artwork/assignments, Traci will provide feedback if requested and answer questions during the live Q & A sessions. You will have the opportunity to share our artwork “LIVE” with our community if you participate in the LIVE monthly google hangouts.
how does the DIY planner + art journaling collage kit subscription work?

The DIY planner subscription gives you access to the monthly mixed media lab PDF workbooks & digital kits, DIY planner private forum and monthly Q & A live stream session. Your first kit will be available December 1, 2016. PDFs will be posted on the first Wednesday of each month. The quarterly DIY planner will be posted December 15th, 2016, March 16th, June 15th and September 14th, 2017. The DIY planners contain 3-months of calendar printables. If you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to access the DIY planner classroom and forum.

what is your cancellation and refund policy?
Refunds can be made up to the day before a LIVE session begins with a $25 processing fee. It will be refunded within one week after the request. After the program has begun refunds will NOT be issued. NO refunds will be issued once you have accessed the self-guided classroom. If you pay a monthly subscription and cancel it, you will be removed from the classrooms and no refunds will be issued.
when will we receive access to the classroom?
Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation PDF with more details and tentative class schedule. You will receive a separate email invite with login credentials to the mixed media lab classroom within 30 minutes.  Invitations to the mixed media lab are automated from our education site. You should receive a seperate email with details and access information. It will say WELCOME to the art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab {your name}” in the subject. It is sent from
If you are already a member of the art.journal.PLAY because you signed up for a single workshop, you will receive an email reminder to access the classroom. Please use your current login credentials to access the lab.
If you don’t see the invitation in your inbox, please check your SPAM/junk folder. If you have high security settings on your computer, the email might be automatically deleted. So please add our support email to your contacts. If you are using gmail, please check your “promotions” tab and move our email to the inbox, so you don’t miss future messages.
PLEASE SAVE your classroom invitation email since passwords are not stored in our system.  If you still are having trouble access the classroom, contact support.

Have more questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.