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INSCRIBED: art journaling e-course

mixed media mash-ups for handlettering + images + color

inscribe |inˈskrīb| write or carve (words or symbols) on something, esp. as a formal or permanent record

mark (an object) with characters | [as adj. ] (inscribed)

The pages in my art journals and sketchbooks are inscribed with visual stories told through my personal graffiti…a combination of symbols, layers of vibrant color and images. During this e-course you will be led through an artful journey to discover, play and tell your story. We will embark on a four-week workshop adventure presented in a collection of daily creative prompts to explore visual art journal techniques through unearthing inspirations, personal symbols, color and capturing images. I share a number of hand lettering, painting, collage and digital ideas to inspire your creative spirit.

e-course highlights

  • four week exploration of mixed media techniques in painting, collage & lettering
  • creative daily prompts, inspiration photos, ideas, color palettes – colorful 100 page pdf
  • prompts are designed for you to spend up to 30 minutes per day
  • lettering exemplars
  • inspiration links and posts
  • 20 technique and inspiration videos
  • Ustream video replays including Q & A and LIVE demos
  • access 24/7 to photo galleries, spirited discussions and classroom
  • workshop hosted in a private classroom on my e-course website


your story by gathering your inspirations, collections, ideas


defining your personal symbols through organic patterns, printmaking and lettering 


creative play with color & paint


collage, digital mash-ups and creatively remixing mixed media techniques

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