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girlie GLAM faces online workshop


Explore collage and create mixed media stylized faces

+20 mixed media lessons

+35 HD technique videos

+20 pdf workbooks include over 80 pages

Take a creative mixed media journey to explore all about my Girlie Glam faces. Play with a variety of mediums from paint, canvas to markers and brushes while you create your own stylized faces and practice drawing a face each day. I’ll share numerous background techniques including collage, watercolor and graffiti tissue paper. You are guided with art journal prompts to work on in combination with painting faces. This workshop contains a few videos lessons of techniques/projects in the Stylized Faces section of my book Doodles Unleashed PLUS all brand new content.  

e-course highlights

  • 20 mixed media lessons in painting, mark-making & doodling for painting stylized faces
  • 35 HD technique videos
  • creative daily prompts, inspiration photos, ideas, color palettes
  • 20 pdf workbooks includes over 80 pages
  • prompts are designed for you to spend up to 30 minutes per day
  • self guided workshop
  • LIVE chat video replays including Q & A


mixed media faces

{mixed media}

explore stylized faces

{color PLAY}

letterforms + exemplars


collage + digital letters


  • welcome
  • Girlie Glam FACES projects preview
  • lesson one: black & white face doodles
  • lesson two: color studies
  • lesson three: paint + doodle
  • lesson four: water soluble pens + pencils
  • lesson five: ink + brush doodle
  • DOODLES UNLEASHED: Girlie Glam art journal page
  • lesson six: distressed + painted board
  • black + white collage sheets
  • lesson seven: collage graffiti panel + ink brush doodle
  • LIVE chat #1 – replay of 1 hour chat & demo
  • lesson eight: graffiti panel color + paint
  • lesson nine: graffiti panel doodles pen + marker
  • lesson ten: 20 blog content ideas
  • lesson eleven: graffiti tissue paper
  • lesson twelve: girlie glam graffiti journal page
  • lesson thirteen: girlie glam graffiti colorful details
  • lesson fourteen: water soluble + acrylic
  • lesson fifteen: collecting ideas + inspiration boards
  • lesson sixteen: doodles + gesso + collage
  • lesson seventeen: painted + mixed media layers
  • lesson eighteen: girlie glam doodle on fabric
  • DOODLES UNLEASHED: Girlie Glam doodle on fabric
  • lesson nineteen: digital doodling
  • lesson twenty: girlie glam painting on fabric
  • LIVE CHAT #2 – replay of 1 hour chat & demo


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