a painting + mixed media creative adventure

created by mixed media artist, designer and best-selling author Traci Bautista

Join Traci Bautista for a vibrant spring full of mixed media PLAY. This online program will encourage you to INFUSE your own style, learn NEW techniques, create UNIQUE artwork and INSPIRE your creative spirit.

mixed media tutorials.
technique HD videos.
live stream events.
colorful PDF workbooks.
creative field trips.

Imagine this: you grab a cup of tea as your favorite music plays in the background. There is a fresh canvas on the wall, your art journal open on the table, paint laid out on your palette and instead of standing aimlessly in front of the canvas, you are EXCITED to dive in and paint freely with reckless abandon..fearless of imperfection…YOU LET GO.

You scrape paint across the canvas with an old hotel room key… an extra bbq skewer scratches marks into the thick paint…a few sprays of water..paint drips create a rhythmic pattern…leftover cardboard stamps the perfect pattern and you mix colors with ease to create the perfect hint of chartreuse.

It’s a colorful explosion of brushstrokes, marks and ideas that unfold…you use every bit of paint. YOU KEEP MOVING

You close your eyes and let the paintbrush dance around the canvas without second guessing. 

You’re not worried you’ll make a mistake…because there are NO MISTAKES. It’s the process, it’s the CREATIVE JOURNEY.

You don’t judge yourself, you don’t question, you just FLOW, you make leads to the next, it’s a graceful dance mixed with wild moments of fast movement where you scribble on the canvas with crayons, collage torn paper, and doodle with markers.

You “look with new eyes,” a chopstick and craft foam become a paintbrush…you don’t need expensive tools. You dip your fingers into the paint and they become an extension of your creative soul…

you are FREE. you EXPLORE. you PLAY.

If you start to question…you walk away. Take a break. Go for a run, play with the dog, hangout with the family, make a yummy dinner. RELAX. Then come back the next day refreshed and ready to dive in. You repeat the process. YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS.

Sounds GREAT, right?

This might be in your imagination right now, but I know you can get to this place of courage, trust and exploration. I truly believe YOU CAN EVOLVE as an artist, find your own style and have fun in the process.

I’ve listened to many of my students say, “ I don’t have the time to fit in my art because daily life is so busy.” I’ve also heard you say, “ I get stuck, where do I start? How do I get over my fear of the blank page?” 

In response to these questions, I’ve created a workshop where I teach my CREATIVE PROCESS and guide you to become the ARTIST you long to be. My goal is to help you unfold your own artistic style through inspiring creative prompts, colorful mixed media lessons delivered in high-definition videos, downloadable audio, beautiful PDF workbooks, live stream Q & A and a supportive private online community.

This process encourages you to build your creative skills and to “see things differently,” so you shift from “copying” exactly what you watch in videos and classes to CREATING YOUR OWN STYLE. You learn techniques and you begin to REMIX them into your art in new ways.

You start to define your process, DISCOVER YOUR OWN WAY and build your confidence as an artist. YOU FLOURISH.

playful + soulful techniques for mixedmedia: painting. collage. color. PLAY

In this online mixed media program, you’ll learn how paint VIBRANT, freestyle florals infused with your story, creative inspirations and develop your signature style.

Get ready to face the blank canvas with more confidence, learn how mix your personal color palette and build a body of artwork that shines in your OWN unique style.

Inspired by my LOVE for flowers…the colorful sakura blossoms that pop up in winter, creating a colorful floral arrangement, a trip into the local nursery, a walk through a botanical garden and the tropical florals I’ve encountered on my travels through Hawaii and Southeast Asia. This workshop is ALL about painting the colorful flora that surrounds us and telling a visual story through color, marks and your personal journey.

Through my guided process, I encourage you to become a confident, self-starter who will dive into a painting session without fear, without question. You’ll begin with simple explorations and creative exercises where you’ll write your ideas, capture your inspirations through photos and sketches. Then, you’ll dive into color mixing and learn to create a personal color palette through simple and fun creative prompts. Each module builds on the next as you explore the creative process.

Then throughout multiple sessions, you’ll experiment with the process of building mixed media floral paintings with freestyle backgrounds and mark-making including various techniques using stencils, handmade paintbrushes, and found tools. You’ll learn how to incorporate collage and mark-making then weave your sketches and inspirations from your research studies into the final pieces of artwork.

FLORAL DELIGHT session two PDF workbook preview by traci bautista

Each session, I provide PDF workbooks full of creative prompts, ideas to REMIX art techniques, creative field trip guides, notesheets, journal reflections and art journal printables. Throughout the program, there are LIVE stream events including studio office hours Q & A sessions where you have the opportunity to be on screen and talk face-to-face with Traci and other students from around the world.

PLUS when you register for the FLORAL delight online program you’ll receive these amazing bonuses…you’ll receive 6 months access to our FLORAL delight PRIVATE online community, FLORAL remix workshop, Designing FLORAL patterns in Photoshop mini class and FLORAL DELIGHT DIY planner printables, TWO digital floral painting workshops.

FLORALdelight_logo_long by Traci Bautista

Why flowers?? It’s something that’s universal, accessible and emotive. They are found everywhere, they are part of our everyday see them walking down the street, you might receive them for a special occasion, you may grown abundant blooming garden and they are given as a token of well wishes and LOVE.  Everyone can develop their own style painting by studying a simple, beautiful subject. PLUS they’ve been the one of themes reflected in my art through the years and have influenced my art to evolve. FLOWERS bring joy, happiness and smiles.

In this class, you won’t be painting perfect landscapes, botanical illustrations {which I greatly admire} or sketching out the perfect design then painting over it. You will use your imagination, inspirations, collections, writings and research to create mixed media FLORAL BOUQUET paintings and collages that are intuitive and freestyle. They will be abstract, incorporate YOUR style…including drips of paint, your words, splashes of colors, wild mark-making…expressions of your TRUE CREATIVE SPIRIT.

are YOU ready to dive in?

workshop sessions

session one
gathering + recording inspirations
session two
exploring + mixing color palettes
session three
painting freestyle BLOOMS
session four
florals with ink + stencils
session five
be FREE blossoms + patterns
session six
collage + acrylic skin FLORALS



CREATED TO FIT INTO YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE: The original workshop when it initially launched was delivered over six weeks spread throughout a 3-month period. FLORAL DELIGHT WORKSHOP IS NOW SELF-GUIDED. Once you register you’ll get immediate access to the entire online program.

BONUS and get access to the BRAND NEW FREESTYLE FLORALS SUMMER 2017 session {$147 value} includes…

  • 1-day VIRTUAL RETREAT with a focus on WATERCOLOR FLORALS, printmaking and mixed media layers {only part of FREESTYLE BLOOMS summer bundle}
  • 7 CREATIVE ITINERARY emails delivered weekly throughout the summer program to encourage you to work through the FLORAL delight content
  • 2 LIVE PLAY DATE sessions – implementation studio PLAY 1-hour sessions to encourage you to create paintings along with Traci in real-time. {only part of FREESTYLE BLOOMS summer bundle}
  • TWO creative process Q&As –  live mastermind sessions + art critiques where you can join Traci on-screen to share your artwork and get feedback
  • 6 months access in FLORAL DELIGHT community forum where you can check-in weekly, share your artwork, ask questions, and connect with a spirited group of artists
  • BRAND NEW FLORAL DELIGHT module – mixed media layers + FLORAL collage HD video lessons and PDF workbook
  • BONUS: Digital floral painting video tutorials in ArtRage and  –  show graphics (hyperlapse}
  • BONUS: LIVE  art journaling session TBA
  • 18-month access to the FREESTYLE BLOOMS summer program
  • during the LIVE events, will be available to answer your questions PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to come on screen during the Q & A sessions to share your work and meet other students from around the world.  

I encourage you to take your time as you work through the lessons. You can work on one session each week or work through two then take a deep dive to practice the techniques for a couple of weeks and then continue until you finish the entire course. This is an interactive session even though you will have access to all of the content once you enter the classroom. Plus you have access to our private FLORAL delight community forum to share your work, ask questions and interact with other students.

FLORAL delight online program sessions {ALL available for self-guided access}

  • module one: gathering + recording inspirations
  • modules two: exploring + mixing color palettes
  • module three: painting FREESTYLE blooms
  • module four: florals with ink+ stencils
  • module five: be FREE blossoms + patterns
  • module six: collage + acrylic skin florals
  • BRAND NEW module seven: mixed media layers + FLORALS [available 7/24}

Register for {PAY IN FULL option} and receive LIVE access to the FREESTYLE BLOOMS summer program 1-day virtual retreat. If you register for {payment plan}, you’ll receive access to the virtual retreat after your final payment is complete. 

The summer 2017 program also includes 6-month access to the NEW FLORAL delight private classroom forum, two LIVE creative process Q &A sessions, two PLAY DATE live sessions where I’ll share more ideas, techniques and answer your questions PLUS BONUS art journaling session. 


Each session of the course is structured with a variety of unique lessons and creative ideas to help you grow as an artist.

  • welcome + overview
  • supplies + handmade tools: each session I’ll share some of my favorite supplies and handmade tools
  • mindful reflections: simple + quick prompts & journal questions to inspire your thoughts, creativity,and free writing
  • creative checklists: these are colorful PDF guides for ideas + things to do and think about during the week’s lesson
  • color palette cards/inspiration boards: photos + color chips for painting inspirations these printable cards have color palette suggestions and ideas
  • floral painting projects: high definition videos that take you the process of creating freestyle background, building layers {tips + techniques} to paint colorful florals
  • art journal printables: colorful PDF pages you can print to create mini art journals or DIY planners.
  • creative jumpstarts: each session I’ll share creative jumpstart cards + notesheets. These are for your to use throughout the program and to help you jumpstart your art making process in your art journal or on the canvas.
  • creative field trips: each week you receive a creative mission/field trip idea + guide. these are day or afternoon trips that in most cases are free. these creative field trips are optional but you’ll find them very inspirational and helpful to define and grow your creative process.
  • LIVE stream events: FOUR live Q & A session REPLAYS and TWO new summer/spring live stream sessions with Traci and the opportunity to talk face-to-face with other students.

SUMMER 2017 sessions

PLAY date sessions

live stream explorations + ideas

SUMMER virtual retreat

explore watercolor FLORALS + monoprints


FLORAL collage HD videos

creative process Q & As

small group coaching + art critiques

DIGITAL florals

iPad painting tutorial HD videos

creative COMMUNITY

6-month access to private forum

summer 2017 schedule

Here’s the schedule of FREESTYLE BLOOMS SUMMER 2017 PROGRAM… 

This is a special summer session with BRAND NEW content presented during the virtual retreat, LIVE stream events and weekly CREATIVE ITINEARIES PLUS a new module added to the FLORAL delight online program and BONUS content. NOTE: THIS IS AN ADD-ON BUNDLE to the self guided program.

Throughout the summer online experience, you’ll receive a CREATIVE ITINERARY email for each module with a checklist to encourage you to continue working through the content.

During the LIVE events, Traci will be available to answer your questions PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to come on screen during the Q & A sessions to share your work and meet other students from around the world. All LIVE event are in pacific USA time and in BOLD.

If you purchase the add-on bundle you’ll have access to ALL the content/events below.

Here are the important program dates…

  • June 5 – classroom & forum opens with access to all self-guided lessons
  • June 8 – SUMMER 2017 officially opens ~ kick-off live stream orientation at 10:30am
  • June 13 – module ONE: gathering + recording inspirations email
  • June 20 – module TWO: exploring + mixing color palettes email
  • June 22 – VIRTUAL RETREAT 10:00am – 2:00pm
  • June 27 – module THREE: painting FREESTYLE blooms email
  • July 7-  PLAY date #1 10:30-11:30am + live stream Q & A #1 ~ 2:30-3:30 PT
  • July 11 – module FOUR: florals with ink + stencils email
  • July 18 – module FIVE available: be FREE blossoms + patterns email
  • July 19 –  PLAY date #2 ~ 10:30-11:30am 
  • July 25 – module SIX: collage + acrylic skin florals email
  • August 8 – NEW module SEVEN: mixed media layers + FLORALS email
  • August 9 – live stream Q & A #2 ~10:30 – 11:30 PT
  • August 15 – BONUS content – digital FLORAL painting videos
  •  TBA – BONUS PLAY date art journaling session #3


FLORALdelight_logo_long by Traci Bautista

watercolor florals VIRTUAL RETREAT

JUNE 22, 2017

In this virtual retreat, you’ll explore mixed media layers, watercolor monoprints and painting VIBRANT, freestyle florals using watercolor infused with your story, creative inspirations and develop your signature style.

The virtual retreat includes playful techniques for mixed media: painting. collage. color. PLAY. We’ll start with mixing color and mark-making, then take a deep dive into watercolor monoprint techniques and painting VIBRANT, colorful freestyle florals. This virtual retreat expands on NEW topics in a 1-day workshop format. Get ready to face the blank canvas with more confidence and build a body of artwork that shines in your OWN creative style.

If you are new to my virtual retreat format, this 4-hour retreat is structured just like you are participating in my in-person studio workshop but you get to watch from the convenience of your own home studio. It includes ALL brand new content including a FLORAL painting project with a focus on incorporating collage layers.

You’ll have the opportunity to watch me paint and paint along PLUS join me on screen to share your work or ask questions in real time in our interactive LIVE stream session. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live event, the replays are available right after each session ends.

Here’s a peek at the tentative JUNE virtual retreat schedule.

WATERCOLOR FLORALS virtual retreat schedule by TraciBautista

FLORALdelight_logo_long by Traci Bautista


Your mark-making unfolds like a flower blossoming in the spring.

You’ve got confidence in your ability to let your brush dance wildly across the page as you get lost in the process of creating vibrant, visually rich paintings. You KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN when you open your journal and face the BLANK canvas.

You’ve grown as an artist, soaking in all the classes you’ve taken but finding a way to make them your own AND through persistent practice you create a body of artwork that unearths your SIGNATURE style.

you MAKE THE TIME to develop your artwork and fit it into your busy schedule.

YOU’RE confident, motivated, and know that with dedication and hard work…you’ll discover your SIGNATURE STYLE. This is my goal for you when you fully participate and give yourself permission to LET GO in my signature program, FLORAL DELIGHT.



The FLORAL DELIGHT: freestyle blooms online program payment options. This is if you only want to register for the FLORAL DELIGHT PROGRAM not including the MIXED MEDIA LAB.

FLORAL DELIGHT EXTENDED payment plan: $84 {4 monthly payments}. the first payment will be deducted the day your enroll, then deducted the same day each month, for three additional months. If payment is skipped after 5 days, your access to the classroom and private community will be terminated. This gives you SELF-GUIDED 18-MONTH access to the online program. This option includes SELF-GUIDED access to the replay of the WATERCOLOR FLORALS virtual retreat after your final payment is complete.

FLORAL DELIGHT ONE TIME payment: $297 USD. SELF-GUIDED 18-MONTH ACCESS TO FLORAL DELIGHT online program. {BONUS: Includes SUMMER 2017 live stream bundle, BONUSES and access to the FLORAL DELIGHT virtual retreat & BONUS art journaling session.

FLORAL DELIGHT SUMMER 2017 BUNDLE {LIFETIME}: $497 USD. Includes “class lifetime” access to FLORAL DELIGHT online program AND SUMMER 2017 live stream bundle and private forum, CREATIVE ITINERARY emails, 2 PLAY DATE live sessions and access to the FLORAL DELIGHT virtual retreat & BONUS art journaling session

CLICK “ENROLL NOW” below to register. Once your payment is complete you will receive a 14-page confirmation PDF with additional course details and printable art journal/creative prompts workbook.

  • over 25 high definition videos
  • 7 modules of mixed media lessons including over 15 hours of video
  • 6 live stream workshops REPLAYS + Q & A sessions {8 hours of video}
  • BONUS: 4 art journaling session workshop replays {6 hours of video}
  • over 20 creative lessons including inspiration gathering, color mixing, and painting instruction
  • numerous painting prompt projects PLUS 10 FLORAL paintings from start to finish
  • 6 months of access to private, supportive online community
  • access to Traci via live steam Q & A sessions + forum direct message
  • NEW art journaling + mixed media PDF workbooks {over 80 colorful pages}
  • colorful, downloadable PDF workbooks with printable collage paper, prompts, photos
  • creative prompt cards + notesheets
  • color mixing exercises
  • creative field trip explorations
  • mixed media REMIX -“make this your own” idea checklists
  • 18-months of classroom access so you can refer back to the lessons and watch the videos over again

Your investments includes the SIX core session modules PLUS these amazing bonuses worth over $500…

  • you’ll receive 6 months access to our FLORAL delight PRIVATE community {$199} value
  • FLORAL remix workshop {$97 value}
  • designing floral patterns in Photoshop mini class {$59 value}
  • FLORAL DELIGHT DIY planner printables {$59 value}
  • FLORAL digital painting workshops includes access to TWO live stream workshop REPLAYS digital FLORAL painting tutorial using ArtRage and Procreate on the iPad {$98 value}
  • SUMMER 2017 BONUS art journaling session + MODULE 7 new lesson {$89 value}

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I love the live stream events. For me its the best way to watch, learn and be inspired. I can’t ever get enough, so for me if they are a tad longer, that’s great. Especially because there are always so many good questions!

Its great that you are so forthcoming with info as well. Your generosity and the way you teach are your secrets to your success. “

Tex R.

“Overall, I think the workshops are awesome and just keep getting better! In the beginning I was hesitant because I thought the cost was too high. But for the amount and quality of the content, it is worth the money! I love the way you mix up digital and physical art to make mashups. No other online teachers I know of have even tried to go there… Just awesome!

Also it is important to me that your classes work well on mobile devices. I’m glad you’re aware of the technology side of content delivery. Crucial! “

Karen L.

“Just wanted to send a quick message to say how helpful this course has been for me personally. I am more confident about filling a blank page, i.e. doing backgrounds. I am more relaxed with the whole process but I think this too will take time and practice! Anyway, It has been great to participate in Floral Delight and I just love the DIY planner, it will help me plan my art a bit more!”
Lizzie UK



*BONUS: REGISTER for FLORAL delight online program by 6/3/17 {pay in full option} for access to the WATERCOLOR FLORALS virtual retreat in JUNE 2017 {$150 value}









{4 monthly payments}

includes 6-week online program + 2 LIVE Q &As



TWO summer live Q & As

self-guided access to SUMMER virtual retreat or PLAY DATES

FLORAL delight community forum

mixed media lessons + prompts

colorful PDF art journlaing workbooks

immediate 18-month access to FLORAL delight classroom + lessons



includes 6-week online program + 2 LIVE Q &As


BONUS art journaling session



TWO summer live Q & As

FLORAL delight community forum

mixed media lessons + prompts

colorful PDF art journlaing workbooks

immediate 18-month access to FLORAL delight classroom + lessons



SUMMER virtual retreat + live online experience



BONUS includes access to SUMMER virtual retreat & BONUS art journaling session


TWO NEW FLORAL painting videos

ONE NEW lesson module

TWO summer live Q & As

LIFETIME ACCESS TO FLORAL delight community forum

mixed media lessons + prompts

colorful PDF art journlaing workbooks

immediate access to FLORAL delight classroom + lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

what is your e-course + teaching philosophy?

Thank you for your interest in my workshops. I have been teaching for over 15 years and have traveled the world to teach mixed media and creative business workshops. In 2008, I developed my first online workshop and back then I was one of only a very few artists offering online classes. My classes have evolved throughout the years, I developed over 30 online classes and I have taught tens of thousands students online. Fast forward to 2016, I know there are numerous online programs to choose from, so if you are considering my workshops, I’m grateful. Here are a few things to know…

  • My goal is to create a course experience that is deep, soulful and challenges you to GROW as an artist. I want it to mirror the experience of you coming to an in-person workshop in my studio.
  • I always STRIVE to create courses and programs that inspire and encourage artists to find their creative spirit through simple techniques, inspiring lessons and colorful PDFs.
  • I VALUE the personal connection that I have built with my online community. That’s why I started incorporating live stream video in 2009, now with newer technology I have been able to see my students face to face from half way around the world. It’s truly amazing!!
  • I LOVE to design visual content, so all of my e-courses combined have over 1000+ of pages of colorful PDFs/e-workbooks. Many students have binders full of reference that they can refer back to even when the class is finished.
  • My classes are designed for both newbies to advanced artists. I teach every level of artist in all my workshops.
  • I use a lot of handmade and found materials in my classes. I encourage you to use the supplies you have. I share my favorites but it doesn’t mean you have to go out an purchase them.
  • My students come back..I’ve had numerous repeat students who have taken every course I’ve offered, so that says something about my classes.
  • Courses sometimes change direction, I teach “in the moment”, meaning I’m flexible and allow my content to be that way too. I might have an idea or outline at the beginning of the course, but 9 times out of 10 it changes as we go through the course. If I’m working on something new, I try to add into the class during the live stream workshops. I ALWAYS teach more that is advertised in the class.
  • There is no standard for the cost of an online course and I while some of my newer courses are higher price, I feel it is in line with the value and quality of the content I present. I design and produce all of the workshops myself PLUS have built all the websites to deliver the best workshop experience to you. I put in a significant amount of hours to develop all the content, write all the words, edit all the videos and market all the classes. So the cost is very low compared to the time that is spent creating it. I know my classes won’t be for everyone but I have also tried to make them more affordable by offering an extended payment plan. If you were to take an in-person weekend class at my studio it would cost upwards of $450 not including travel. So I think my pricing is more than fair for the amount and quality of content I provide. I completely understand if it is not meant for you, that’s why I also offer low cost and free alternatives through my books, blog and email newsletter.
  • QUALITY over quantity is important to me. Quality in content, in design, in experience, in students and in instruction. I have changed the way I structure my e-courses. For now, in 2016, I will close registration a few days after the LIVE session begins and give extended access to my mixed media courses for one year after the live session ends. This change is because I want my students to spend time to work through the content in a timely fashion. I want you to be actively be involved and engaged in the live events and soaking in all the lessons. This will enable us to all share and contribute in the community. I don’t want students who sign up and drop off after week two. I want students who are serious in developing wholeheartedly as an artist. My new classes will challenge you as well as guide you.

Thank you again for considering my workshops. I hope to see you in the classroom!

How much time will I need to set aside to be involved with this program and live trainings?
There are TWO scheduled LIVE events during the winter program. You will receive detailed access information in the classroom.  Live stream events usually last between 1 to 1.5 hrs.  You will want to set aside 1- 3 hours a week to focus working on the creative prompts, video lessons, exercises and projects. It is entirely up to you how much time you devote to creative play, but the more you put into the assignments and doing the work, the more you will accomplish and grow as an artist.
when are the LIVE events scheduled?

Here’s the schedule of WINTER 2017 live events…

  • June 1, 2017 – SPRING/SUMMER 2017 session OPENS
  • June 22, 2017, 10:00am-3pm ~ FLORAL delight virtual retreat
  • June 29, 2017 ~ spring live stream Q & A #1
  • July TBA ~ spring live stream Q & A #2
  • *ALL times are pacific USA time

Virtual retreat invitations and information will be sent one week before the live workshop. The other live stream event/Q & A sessions will be held during the week.. The times alternate each event to accommodate a variety of schedules and allow international students to join in. The events usually run from 10:30am-12:00pm or 3:00pm-4:30pm pacific USA time. There may also be additional special trainings that are hosted during the program. A detailed schedule will be posted in the classroom. If you are not able to make the live events, a replay is available right after the LIVE event ends. So don’t worry if you can’t make it LIVE!

how often is NEW video + workbook content added?
ALL PDF worksheets or workbooks and HD video lessons, and LIVE stream replays are now available for self-guided access.
what supplies and materials will I need for class?
In all of my classes, I use a variety of found, handmade and store bought materials. I encourage you to use what you have in your studio. Please don’t feel like you have to purchase what I’m using. You can use whatever materials you have. I do encourage you to purchase a good set of primary acrylic paints. {red, yellow, blue, white and black} I prefer Golden Fluid paints. During the workshop, I will talk about some of my favorite mixed media supplies during each session. You can see a list of my recommended general supplies here.
how much access and interaction will I have with Traci?
During the SPRING 2017 program, you will work with Traci once a month during the LIVE stream Q & A events, plus she will answer questions and check into the private forum community weekly. If you choose to share your assignments in the private class forum, Traci will provide feedback and answer questions during the live stream Q & A sessions.
what is your cancellation and refund policy?
Refunds can be made up to the day before a LIVE session begins with a $25 processing fee. It will be refunded within one week after the request. After the program has begun refunds will NOT be issued. NO refunds will be issued once you have accessed the self-guided classroom. If you pay a monthly subscription and cancel it, you will be removed from the classrooms and no refunds will be issued.
how long will I have access to the course materials?
As a FLORAL DELIGHT: freestyle blooms online program or 1-day virtual retreat class member you will have access to the e-course classroom for one and a half years {18 months} from the date of your order. After that time, you will have the option to extend your access for a minimal fee. class members have access to the private forum for 6 months, virtual retreat class members have access to the private forum for 2 months. ALL PDF workbooks are downloadable. Videos are not downloadable but you can access them 24/7 on most devices {ipad, smartphone, tablets, desktop}. A wifi connection with high speed internet is recommended for best viewing results.
If you purchase {LIFETIME} access, this means you have unlimited 24/7 access to the FLORAL DELIGHT online program + SUMMER 2017 BUNDLE for it’s lifetime until it’s retired or the site is closed. 
when will I receive access to the classroom?
Once you have registered, you will receive an automated email with a PDF confirmation and additional class info. CLASSROOM invitations are automatically sent, look for an email that says “Welcome {your name} to art.journal.PLAY community”
If you register for the FLORAL delight virtual retreat, an email with additional course and access details will be sent out the week before the retreat. In the classroom, you can download a confirmation PDF with more details and tentative class schedule. You can access our private forum community from inside the classroom.