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digitalCANVAS e-course

digital art journaling + painting

20 lessons

37 HD video lesson

colorful PDF workbooks

mixed media mash-ups, digital painting + art journaling 

Explore the world of digital art journaling and painting! This class will explore a variety of app mashups and incorporate digital collage, stencils, stamps, drawing, painting, photo layers and creative letterforms all using the iPad! I’ll also share ways to use the digital canvas as tool for creating visual storyboards and how to incorporate the digital art into your handmade creations.

e-course highlights

  • create color palettes and inspiration visual color storyboards
  • digital collage using mixed media backgrounds
  • mixed media layers & faces
  • working with digital stencils & stamps
  • creating digital painted backgrounds
  • working with watercolor, colored pencils, crayons and oil pastel digitally
  • creating digital decorative tapes
  • creating digital brushes + stencils
  • printing your artwork
  • art journaling prompts
  • working with photo layers for drawing & reference
  • creating custom letters
  • creating art for a blog post
  • brainstorming and idea generation techniques
  • creating a storybook
  • choosing the best stylus for your work
  • leveraging your to take your traditional paintings & use them in digital artwork
  • LIVE stream Q & A REPLAY
  • workshop hosted in a private classroom


resources to plan your creative business


explore digital collage + mixed media backgrounds



create digital painted backgrounds


colorful PDF planning workbooks + annual review



module 1: introduction

  • digitalCANVAS welcome
  • materials list
  • stylus discussion
  • printers

module 2: paper bY 53

  • digital app: paperBY53
  • paper53 overview + doodle experiments
    paper53 girlie glam painting
    paper53 pdf workbook

module 3: noteshelf

  • digital app: NOTESHELF
  • Noteshelf overview
  • Noteshelf art journaling
  • Noteshelf PDF workbooks

module 4: ArtRage app

  • digital app: ArtRage
  • ArtRage overview
  • mixed media sampler
  • ArtRage collage layers + doodles
  • ArtRage girlie GLAM collage
  • adding image layer
  • recording a script
  • ArtRage graffiti collage
  • ArtRage PDF workbooks

module 5: ArtRage4 desktop

  • ArtRage4 digital stencils
  • ArtRage iPad + ArtRage4 layers
  • BONUS: ArtRage4 digi stickers

module 6: Procreate

  • digital app: Procreate
  • Procrete tools overview
  • Procreate girlie glam face
  • Procreate digital stamps
  • Procreate + Noteshelf collage
  • creating digital stencils
  • painting digital stencils
  • Procreate PDF workbook

module 7: LIVE chat replays

  • digitalCANVAS LIVE chat #1
  • digitalCANVAS LIVE chat #2


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