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created by mixed media artist, designer and best-selling author Traci Bautista

Enjoy a FREE preview inside my FLORAL DELIGHT: freestyle florals online program + LIVE experience. 

Spend a day diving into the a REMIX of mixed media content and take some time to explore painting FREESTYLE FLORALS and developing your creative process and unique artistic style

mixed media tutorials. technique HD videos. live stream events. colorful PDF workbooks. creative field trips.

My all NEW CREATIVE ITINERARIES are mini-workshops that you can complete in a day or two. This itinerary includes a mix of creative ideas, inspirations, and tutorials to get you working in your art journal or creating a brand new canvas.

Here are a few of the HD video tutorials, creative prompts and PDF worksheets you’ll find inside my most popular class FLORAL DELIGHT: FREESTYLE FLORALS.

In this CREATIVE ITINERARY, you’ll find loads of colorful inspiration…

  • a preview video of the FLORAL DELIGHT online program
  • 6 HD video tutorials with freestyle FLORAL painting ideas, jumpstarts and mixed media techniques
  • one FLORAL painting video which shows my painting process from start to finish
  • a 12-page downloadable colorful PDF workbook from one of the course modules that is full of creative prompts for floral sketching, color palette inspirations, journal reflections and collage sheets
  • FLORAL DIY planner sample PDF – use in your personal artsy planner or art journal
  • a list of ideas + tips for how to incorporate you own artistic style into your painting process

The CREATIVE ITINERARY is meant for you to consume in a day and encourages you to dive into the techniques and incorporate them into your artwork. The videos and content shared on this page is only available for a limited time, so make sure to watch and dive in as soon as you can. Enjoy!



In this video I share an overview of some of the paintings and projects you’ll explore in the FLORAL DELIGHT online workshop.

Get ready to face the blank canvas with more confidence, learn how mix your personal color palette and build a body of artwork painting beautiful FLORALS that shines in your OWN unique style.


Throughout our program I share ideas to help you get started with your art. These range from creative exercises to drawing/sketching and researching. I encourage you to use these activities throughout our program to help you develop your signature style. In this video, I share 7 creative jumpstarts to FACE THE BLANK CANVAS and spark your creativity!


Here’s a simple and fun exercise you can do daily or weekly to help jumpstart your art journal session. Follow the prompts and interpret them how ever you want. Don’t worry about the outcome of your page…just go with the process and have fun!


This is a mark-making and color exercise, mainly to get you flowing and making marks, experimenting with your tools. There is no right or wrong. Use your photos or books if you need a guide, but try to paint at least one set of icons intuitively, without any visual inspiration. For this video, I painted without any guides, no photos or books…just mark-making letting the brush dance across the page. Try dabbing, stamping, rolling and tilting the brush or tool in different directions. Make notes of colors you mixed, brushes/tools you used and put a date on the page. In this lesson, you’ll experiment with one brush and 2-3 analogous colors {colors next to each other on the color wheel}. Experiment doing this exercise a few times with different brushes and different colors. Then different tools and inks or markers. The idea of this lesson is to make floral icons and shapes. You’ll create a library of pages that will be great reference for when you start painting your floral projects.


As you know, I always clean up my brushes onto paper or fabric to make sure the excess paint is all used. This saves the environment because I try not to dump dirty paint water down the drain. It also creates great backgrounds or collage sheets for use in other projects. In this video, I share a simple clean-up technique that incorporates creating patterns.  Clean all your tools onto extra paper…do this exercise fast without any thought of placement or designs. Set aside the painted papers, let them dry. Then paint more layers over the top, create collage sheets or doodle with your favorite markers and pens. Have fun with the process!


In this video lesson, you’ll explore working with heavy body white paint or gesso to create a contrast and tinted background of brush doodles. Many of my FREESTYLE FLORAL paintings begin with these randomly painted layers. Experiment with your favorite colors and explore using white, black or tinted gesso for additional contrast and mixed media effects. Enjoy the process…let go..have fun!


Please share your artwork using the hashtag above. You can also see all the colorful artwork from students in my FLORAL DELIGHT class, virtual retreats and live stream workshops.


FLORAL DELIGHT session two PDF workbook preview by traci bautistaIn each FLORAL DELIGHT session, I provide PDF workbooks full of creative prompts, ideas to REMIX art techniques, creative field trip guides, notesheets, journal reflections and art journal printables.

session two note sheets + PDF

download FLORAL DELIGHT session #2 PDF + note sheets

PC/MAC users: If you are viewing it on a pc/mac desktop, the file will start downloading automatically and will be placed in your downloads folder. If you cannot find the file do a search on the name of the file. DO NOT open it until it downloads completely or you will get an error message.You will need the most current version of Adobe Reader to view the file.

iPAD/iPhone/smartphone/tablet users: If you are viewing this on a tablet or smart phone. You will need a program that opens and reads PDFs. If you are on an iPad, it will open in a new Safari window. Once it downloads completely, click the small button on the top right that says “open in iBooks”. This will save it to your iPad.

NOTE: All e-book pdfs are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. 



Your mark-making unfolds like a flower blossoming in the spring. You’ve got confidence in your ability to let your brush dance wildly across the page as you get lost in the process of creating vibrant, visually rich paintings. You KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN when you open your journal and face the BLANK canvas. You’ve grown as an artist, soaking in all the classes you’ve taken but finding a way to make them your own AND through persistent practice you create a body of artwork that unearths your SIGNATURE style. you MAKE THE TIME to develop your artwork and fit it into your busy schedule.

YOU’RE confident, motivated, and know that with dedication and hard work…you’ll discover your SIGNATURE STYLE.

This is my goal for you when you fully participate and give yourself permission to LET GO in my signature program, FLORAL DELIGHT.



Throughout the FLORAL DELIGHT program, I share over 10 floral paintings from start to finish in addition to numerous HD technique videos. In these painting tutorials, you will see the painting unfold intuitively and serendipitously. I don’t have a plan or sketch for these paintings. I look at the background and some areas are “called out” with paint and florals shapes are painted. I don’t overthink the process. It’s all about working naturally and without pressure. If I ever fell like I don’t know what to do next, I take a break. I’m okay with it and do something else, then come back to my painting with fresh eyes. I’ll provide a few written prompts throughout the tutorial but most will be set to music. I am NOT providing step-by-step instructions because the idea is for you to watch and take what you see and create your OWN floral paintings. These visual tutorials are perfect creative jumpstarts to inspire you to create your own FLORAL paintings. The end goal is that YOUR paintings look like YOUR style…NOT an exact replica of my painting.

In these videos, I provide a few written/verbal prompts throughout but most of the video will be set to music. The idea is that you are getting an up close personal view of me create in my studio. You see my creative process unfold naturally.  For these floral painting videos, I do not provide step-by-step instructions because the idea is for you to watch and take what you see and create your OWN floral paintings. My recommendation is to watch the video all the way through, just focusing on the process the painting is created. Then pull out your supplies and dive into a painting session.

I really encourage you to NOT just play the video and stop it then copy the painting..that teaches you to COPY not to think for yourself. experiment and have fun developing your own artistic voice.

These visual tutorials are perfect creative jumpstarts to inspire you to create your own FLORAL paintings. The end goal is that YOUR paintings look like YOUR style…NOT an exact replica of my painting.

I understand that when you are learning a new process or technique it’s easier to copy, but that does not get you to developing YOUR OWN STYLE. Like I mention in the welcome video for session two, the number one challenge that most of you mentioned in feedback from my students.

Here are some ideas to REMIX what I show you in the video tutorial…

  • choose your own color palette {in this painting I am only using the 3 primary colors plus black and white}
  • use your inspiration photos/boards to paint shapes of flowers you’ve collected on the boards
  • experiment with different brushes and tools to make your mark
  • place your floral shapes in different areas of the canvas.
  • turn the paper or canvas in different directions as you paint
  • paint to your favorite music and make marks to the beat of the music. if the rhythm is fast..paint fast brush strokes. If it is slow..slowly drag your brush along the page.
  • close your eyes and paint a flower shape
  • add your writing into your painting…write words or phrases in the layers as you paint
  • draw or doodle over the florals with pens, colored pencils of markers.
  • DO NOT copy my marks or artwork exactly…that will not help you develop your own style. Instead use some of the creative prompts and ideas I share as a jumpstart for your own paintings

PLEASE share your artwork using the #TBfloraldelight on Instagram. I can’t wait to see what you create! Enjoy the lesson!

YOU’RE confident, motivated, and know that with dedication and hard work…you’ll discover your SIGNATURE STYLE. This is my goal for you when you fully participate and give yourself permission to LET GO in my signature program, FLORAL DELIGHT.



As a bonus in the FLORAL DELIGHT program, I provide a FLORAL DIY planner printables and journal reflection pages for you to customize and create your own calendar or add you or personal planner or art journal.



Join Traci Bautista for a vibrant mixed media workshop all about painting FREESTYLE FLORALS. This online program will encourage you to INFUSE your own style, learn NEW techniques, create UNIQUE artwork and INSPIRE your creative spirit. 

FLORAL DELIGHT: freestyle BLOOMS online program includes playful techniques for mixed media: painting. collage. color. PLAY. In this ONLINE MIXED MEDIA EXPERIENCE, you’ll learn how to paint VIBRANT, freestyle florals and develop your OWN signature style. Get ready to face the blank canvas with more confidence, learn how to mix or personal color palette and build a body of artwork that shines in your OWN creative style.



  • 7 modules of mixed media lessons including over 15 hours of video
  • 6 live stream workshops REPLAYS + Q & A sessions {8 hours of video}
  • BONUS: 4 art journaling session workshop replays {6 hours of video}
  • over 25 high definition videos
  • over 20 creative lessons including inspiration gathering, color mixing, and painting instruction
  • numerous painting prompt projects PLUS 10 FLORAL paintings from start to finish
  • Access to a private, supportive online community
  • access to Traci via bonus live steam Q & A sessions + forum direct message
  • NEW art journaling + mixed media PDF workbooks {over 80 colorful pages}
  • colorful, downloadable PDF workbooks with printable collage paper, prompts, photos
  • creative prompt cards + notesheets
  • color mixing exercises
  • creative field trip explorations
  • mixed media REMIX -“make this your own” idea checklists
  • 18-months of classroom access so you can refer back to the lessons and watch the videos over again


Your investment includes the SIX core session modules PLUS these amazing bonuses worth over $500…

  • you’ll receive access to our FLORAL delight PRIVATE community {$199} value
  • FLORAL remix workshop {$97 value}
  • designing floral patterns in Photoshop mini class {$59 value}
  • FLORAL DELIGHT DIY planner printables {$59 value}
  • FLORAL digital painting workshops include access to TWO live stream workshop REPLAYS digital FLORAL painting tutorial using ArtRage and Procreate on the iPad {$98 value}
  • BONUS art journaling session + MODULE 7 new lesson {$89 value}



CHECK out FLORAL DELIGHT student artwork on IG #TBfloraldelight


“I love the live stream events. For me its the best way to watch, learn and be inspired. I can’t ever get enough, so for me if they are a tad longer, that’s great. Especially because there are always so many good questions! Its great that you are so forthcoming with info as well. Your generosity and the way you teach are your secrets to your success. “

Tex R.

“Just wanted to send a quick message to say how helpful this course has been for me personally. I am more confident about filling a blank page, i.e. doing backgrounds. I am more relaxed with the whole process but I think this too will take time and practice! Anyway, It has been great to participate in Floral Delight and I just love the DIY planner, it will help me plan my art a bit more!”

Lizzie UK

“Overall, I think the workshops are awesome and just keep getting better! In the beginning I was hesitant because I thought the cost was too high. But for the amount and quality of the content, it is worth the money! I love the way you mix up digital and physical art to make mashups. No other online teachers I know of have even tried to go there… Just awesome! Also it is important to me that your classes work well on mobile devices. I’m glad you’re aware of the technology side of content delivery. Crucial! “

Karen L.

“Floral Delight was outstanding! The PDFs and watching you create in the videos and live streams were worth the entire cost. You always go  EXTRA MILES with the wealth of information you share.
JaneAnn H.