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art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab + 

DREAM BIG: creative business incubator

 BE inspired, EXPERIMENT with new techniques
and ELEVATE your art to the next level.
 BLOSSOM into a FLOURISHING ARTIST and make money from your creative passion.
Become a creative business VISIONARY.
creative IDEAS and online courses that encourage you to infuse your own style, create unique artwork and build a successful business on your terms.

DIVE into mixed media PLUS build your creative business!

FLORAL DELIGHT mixed media summer program starts June 21st!

art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab opens in July 2016.

join us for the next DREAM BIG: creative business incubator session in FALL 2016!

mixed media workshops

GROW your artistic skills with over 200 inspirational HD video tutorials

ideas + inspiration

BE INSPIRED with new techniques to develop your own style

creative business mentorship

BUILD a profitable passion-based creative business with small group coaching

business building tools

PLAN your branding, marketing, teaching and product strategy

creative community

CONNECT with like-minded souls in a thriving & supportive worldwide community

monthly LIVE stream studio sessions

PLAY in real time, work intuitively and paint with abandon

ELEVATE your art and move from hobbyist to Creative Entreprenuer.

You love mixed media, you’re looking to be inspired, learn new techniques and you want to elevate your art to the next level. You are empowered by simple, creative ideas that encourage you to infuse your own style and to create unique artwork.
You want to get serious about creating a passion-based business from your creative endeavors. Right now, you have limited business and marketing knowledge but have the drive to be a successful artist. What would it be like to have access to a library of in-depth mixed media tutorials combined with a creative business mentorship program to channel your artistic talent, develop your own style and build a profitable business?

FLORAL DELIGHT: freestyle blooms mixed media summer program June 21 – August 31, 2016! join us!

Introducing Traci Bautista’s new art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab + DREAM BIG: creative business incubator! For the past year, this NEW online education website has been in the works, it will house ALL of Traci’s previous online workshops PLUS brand new mixed media and creative business content and host an artist residency program. Our focus is to help build your artistic skills while encouraging you to make a living selling your art.

Traci Bautista’s new online education site + membership community is designed to:

INSPIRE you with forward thinking techniques and outside the box mixed media content
ENCOURAGE you to develop creative confidence and find your own style
TEACH you to work intuitively and paint with abandon as you face the blank canvas
PROVIDE resources to guide you from hobbyist to successful creative entrepreneur
HELP turn your artistic talent and creations into products and services that make money
GUIDE you with business-building tools for marketing, product development, revenue planning and teaching
MOTIVATE you to participate in LIVE online workshops while you work at your own pace
CONNECT you to a supportive, spirited worldwide creative community

Join our online learning community and get access to in-depth HD video tutorials, colorful PDF workbooks, techniques, inspiration and the support you need to be a successful artist and creative entrepreneur.

GATHER with like-minded souls, YOU don’t have to be alone in this journey.

enjoy a video preview from FLORAL DELIGHT: freestyle blooms mixed media online program…

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With successful completion of the self-guided online workshops— including taking part in the monthly LIVE stream sessions and doing the work, using the techniques and tools as a catalyst for creative PLAY and business planning— you can become a flourishing artist and thriving creative business owner.

As an art.journal.PLAY mixed media + DREAM BIG: creative business incubator member, you will:

— Have access to a resource library of over 200 mixed media and creative business HD video tutorials and live trainings
— Be able to download hundreds of colorful PDF mixed media workbook pages and PLAY worksheets
— Be goal-oriented and results-focused while creating actionable plans to build a profitable business
— Understand business basics, marketing and create a plan to start making money from your art
— Be able to craft a teaching platform, develop a plan for in-person and online workshops
— Learn a variety of mixed media topics including collage, doodling, art journaling, lettering, handmade books
— Get a peek “behind the scenes” to how other established artists run their businesses
— Have access to a private SLACK community for sharing artwork, successes, ideas and questions

As ideal member you might be a:

— a mixed media newbie beginning your artistic journey excited to learn with in-depth tutorials
— seasoned hobbyist looking for unconventional ideas to develop your unique style and business
— surface designer looking for innovative techniques to build patterns for your portfolio
— part time artist wanting to turn your side hustle into a passion-based profitable business
— creative artist entrepreneur looking to expand services and products by building strategic business plans

art.journal.PLAY: MIXED MEDIA LAB + creative business incubator 

is the key to unleashing your creativity and building a profitable business.


There is a huge amount of content contained in Traci’s DREAM BIG creative business incubator courses, which gives you a lot of food for thought. Through doing these courses with Traci, I’ve discovered that there’s a lot more to running an art business than just creating art. For the first time ever, I’ve actually written out a list of my business goals. I’m also keeping a planner to keep track of my business progress; another first for me. One thing I’ve learned is that I need to think outside the traditional business model for artists and look for other opportunities. Traci is an amazing teacher. She is so giving of her knowledge and experience. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to build his or her art business.

Christine Jermyn

“Thank you SO much Traci!  Ever since taking your business class, I’ve been working my butt off…and, true to your word from other courses, I quit worrying about “my style” and just began to create…every day…for a little over two years now…I opened my Etsy shop, for real (actually opened it in 2007 but never listed anything…originally I was going to sell dolls) on June 1, 2012…I think in a little over 3 or 4 months I only had a few sales…sales were sporadic for another six months…BUT as I built my inventory, and began listing at least one new item every day for the past six months, my sales are almost daily!!!  I have a LONG way to go, but I really need to thank you for the courses you’ve done, especially Dream Big…”

Anita Van Hal

UNLEASH your creativity and build a profitable business.